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2017-05-17 09:56 pm
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I overestimated myself

...I only made one post and then disappeared.

It suddenly got very hot today. I walked with baby to the shop to pick up our car (finally, after it sat there for two months) and we had to wait an hour just for them to sort out paperwork. Fortunately the garage was semi-air-conditioned (ie, it was air-conditioned, but had a giant open door). All the mechanics were super excited to see a baby. Do not let anyone tell you that excitement at seeing babies is a gendered thing. Anyway, this is like...the fifth time the car has been in the shop for the same problem, and I hope it's really solved this time. If not, I give up.

Baby had a hard time falling asleep because of the heat. After she went to bed we installed one of the window AC units; we should be able to get the other one in this weekend.
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2017-03-14 04:07 pm

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tumblr is simultaneously a huge waste of time and a place where I am terrible at making friends. I'm just trying this out. It's entirely possible I'll make two posts here and then disappear.

(ok, that's unfair. I have made a lot of friends through tumblr actually. I've just been feeling down about my complete lack of social life lately and blaming it on social media is easier than solving the actual root of the problem)